Exam AZ-300 & AZ-301: Azure Solutions Architect Expert 40 Digital Flash Cards - Ger Arevalo

Exam AZ-300 & AZ-301: Azure Solutions Architect Expert 40 Digital Flash Cards

By Ger Arevalo

  • Release Date: 2020-01-25
  • Genre: Ordinateurs


I have published this book with an agile release in mind. I want to get this out to market to get feedback. I don't know if these flash cards will help my fellow AZ-300 and AZ-301 exam takers, but if it does sell, I will be constantly updating it with the latest info and terms from Microsoft. The first iteration will focus on the most valuable terms(MVP in agile terms). This book is optimized for mobile devices and apps. Every turn of the page will give you 1 side of a flash card. Another turn gives you the other side of the card. I suggest going through the flash cards several times from beginning to end. This will test your ability to define the key terms from the definition. This digital flash card book is designed to be an ancillary to the classes, labs, and hands on practice that you have diligently worked on in preparing to obtain your AZ-300 & AZ-301: certification. Majority of the terms are taken directly from the Microsoft Learn website. It is meant as one of the end steps in your preparation for the AZ-300 & AZ-301 exams. This book is short, but It will give you a good gauge of your readiness. Before we get started, we all have doubts when preparing to take an exam. What is your reason and purpose for taking this exam? Remember your reason and purpose when you have some doubts. Obstacle is the way. Control your mind, attitude, and you can control the situation. Persistence leads to confidence. Confidence erases doubts.