Who We Are What We Are Why We Are - Ken Robinson

Who We Are What We Are Why We Are

By Ken Robinson

  • Release Date: 2018-03-09
  • Genre: Développement personnel


This book was written to encourage the reader to identify their “why.” It is comprised of his many studies, his spiritual knowledge, and his experience and training as a former police officer and hostage negotiator. His fascination of why people make decisions and the formula to make better decisions intrigued him. Every day we make decisions that can and will change the trajectory of our lives. He had a desire to learn and understand who we are in the eyes of the Lord, what we are in the eyes of society, and why we are sometimes bound to the philosophy that mediocre is acceptable. He wants this book to inspire positive change in people and promote personal and spiritual growth by understanding that dreams are meant to be lived and all answers lie within Christ. He understands that success means different things to people but the formula is practically the same. God did not put us on this earth to fail. It is our birth-right to live in abundance and choose our destiny. You must have faith and use it to help guide you on your journey. Your daily routine might need to change in order to accommodate your new way of thinking. So change it. You must not allow social, economical, or environmental factors dictate who you are. Identify yourself as a child of God. Keep your faith, and envision who you want to be then work towards that every day. He wrote this book to help you define your purpose while giving you tools to identify your "why."He would like to give all the glory to God because without God, writing this book would not be possible. God gave him the ability to articulate his thoughts onto paper. He has a strong desire to touch as many people as he can to promote positive change in their lives. To express the need for continuous learning, and understand that goals, growth, and God are all necessary if you want real transformation. If we continue to pass on the knowledge we learn, then together we can change the world in a positive direction one person at a time.