The Little Book of macOS Server - Nicholas Rushton

The Little Book of macOS Server

By Nicholas Rushton

  • Release Date: 2020-04-26
  • Genre: Réseau


This guide describes how to setup a network based around Apple’s Server product. It is intended for someone who is responsible for setting up a network for use in a small business, home, home-based office or other organization such as a church, charity or small school. It addresses what some refer to as ‘the Goldilocks problem’, meaning that the built-in help system of Server is too basic and lacking in information, whereas the detailed and pricey reference guides that are available are just too complicated for many people. Hopefully, this is somewhere towards the middle ground. It assumes a reasonable working knowledge of the Mac and a general appreciation of what is involved in small computer networks, whilst trying to avoid the geeky stuff. Incidentally, the guide is not exclusively Mac and, in recognition of the fact that many people work in a mixed environment, includes plenty of information on how to connect and use Windows and Linux computers as well. This updated version even includes a new Appendix to help setup a network using just the built-in features of macOS and without using the Server app at all.